Home About Contact Donate * About --------------- <table><tr> <td class="vcard-img">![Profile picture][1]</td> <td> <div class="vcard"> <ul class="vcard-details"> <li class="vcard-detail" itemprop="worksFor"><span class="octicon octicon-organization"></span>AutoHotkey Foundation</li> <li class="vcard-detail" itemprop="homeLocation"><span class="octicon octicon-location"></span>Canada, Quebec</li> <li class="vcard-detail" itemprop="birthdate"><span class="octicon octicon-clock"></span>Born on 27 Dec 1995</time></li> <li class="vcard-detail" itemprop="email"><span class="octicon octicon-mail"></span><a class="email" href="mailto:joedf@ahkscript.org">joedf@ahkscript.org</a></li> <li class="vcard-detail" itemprop="url"><span class="octicon octicon-link"></span><a href="http://ahkscript.org/joedf" class="url" rel="nofollow me">http://ahkscript.org/joedf</a></li> </ul> </div> </td> </tr></table> Joe DF ------------ I am a programmer who : - loves the [C programming language][2] and the [AutoHotkey scripting language][8] - favours the [MIT License][3] - has a minimalistic website, because I like to be straight forward - knows many programming languages due to quick logical adaptation. This includes: C/C++, C#, Python, Java, PHP, Javascript, AHK, Lua, etc. - is an avid Web Developper - is a [Socialist][4], not [Communist][5] - is a Manager / Webmaster at the [AutoHotkey Foundation LLC][9] - is currently a student in [Earth Sciences][12] at [Carleton University][13] I have a passion for philosophy and design. I discuss matters about ethics, theology, epistemology and metaphysics. I am an agnostic in the following sense : > Agnosticism - the belief that the existence or non-existence of deities or God is currently unknown or unknowable and cannot be proven. A weaker form of this might be defined as simply a lack of certainty about gods' existence or nonexistence. > Source : [Wikipedia/Philosophy_of_religion][6] ### Some of my written works - **"Philosophical Ideas"** : Some of my ideas and notes, some in French, some in English. [[View]](philo.html) - **"La déforestation au Québec"** : My final paper for Philosophy 103 ethics ([CEGEP/DEC][16]). (French) [[View]][14] - **"Les effets d’une bombe nucléaire"** : Written as my final group paper for my college degree ([CEGEP/DEC][16]) in natural sciences. (French/English) [[View]][15] - **"The Science and Mitigation Efforts of the Tohoku Earthquake"** : Written as my final paper for the ENSC2001A university course (Carleton University). (English) [[View]][20] - **"Relative Star Visibility in the Ottawa-Gatineau Region"** : My final project for the GEOM2007C university course (Carleton University). (English) [[View Report]][18] [[View Map]][19] ### Some history... I am actually a [*Huguenot*][17] (by decent). My mother is from Shanghai. My father is from Montreal with both German parents. I am therefore half Chinese, half German. I was born in Ottawa, Canada in 1995. I speak five languages : - French - English - German - Mandarin - Spanish (learning, personal interest) My first instrument was supposed to be the violin. My teacher made me promise never to give up no matter how difficult things would be. I promised. I did learn some basics, but my teacher was the one ending up not holding his end of our agreement. I ended up learning piano. It was enjoyable. My sister was significantly more advanced than me. **[Many years later, parents divorced, etc]** I started to learn guitar. I have been *playing* ever since. It will soon be seven years since I first started. It is in my belief that one must be open-minded in order to think [*clearly*], to be authentic and to be able to progress [*in all*]. Nothing is *simply* "correct", nor is anything *simply* "wrong". On the expression of one's perception/belief on a subject, the *automatic* reaction of rejection or denial without consent of the **full** expression is a sign of *ignorance*. In other words, I am open to all opinions. I welcome you to express yourself **fully** when necessary. Don't be shy to [contact me][7]. Additionally, you may view my [LinkedIn profile][10] and [GitHub profile][11]. [1]: assets/img/joedf_x120.jpg [2]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C_%28programming_language%29 [3]: http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT [4]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Socialism [5]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communism [6]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philosophy_of_religion?oldid=667636032#Existence_of_God [7]: contact.html [8]: http://ahkscript.org/ [9]: http://ahkscript.org/foundation [10]: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joedf [11]: https://github.com/joedf [12]: http://earthsci.carleton.ca [13]: http://carleton.ca [14]: assets/files/deforestation_qc.pdf [15]: assets/files/nuke_fx.pdf [16]: http://www.cegepoutaouais.qc.ca [17]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huguenot [18]: assets/files/geom2007c_doc.pdf [19]: assets/files/geom2007c_map.pdf [20]: assets/files/tohoku.pdf